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Magic Charter

“A disability would not be a disability if the barriers of society in which we live did not exist”
Travability: Advocates for Inclusive Tourism

As a place of MAGIC we are committed to:

1. Promoting inclusive communities
This space is welcoming to people of all abilities

2. Thinking differently about customer service
We treat customers of all abilities with respect

3. Celebrating the diversity in an inclusive community

4. Making sure our business is easy and safe to use
We will ensure our business is easy to find, easy to get into and easy to get around

5. Considering the benefits of employing people with disability
A person with a disability can be the best fit

6. Speaking up against prejudice and discrimination
We name it when we see it and won’t tolerate it, ever

7. Trying to be the best we can be
We are proud to be a place of MAGIC, so if something isn’t ok please let us know